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Top features of developing with us!

Web Development

Web Hosting

Mobile App Development

Professional Design

We develop our Websites / Apps to look like a Royals Royce of the online world, Our designers take in all details no matter how small to make a big difference.

User Friendly

We make it easy for your visitors to use your website / app. We pride ourselves on easy to use websites and applications.

Retina Ready

The ultimate aim of Retina display is to improve the user experience and make screen quality almost on a par with print quality.

Website Development

From static to dynamic fully fledged built for purpose website applications. Let us take your business to the next level with an online presence that works for you.

Mobile App Development

Our team of qualified professionals deliver both cross platform(Hybrid) and native applications on Android, IOS and Windows mobile platforms.

Software development

We design, develop and implement bespoke software solutions across platforms that make a difference to your bottom line.

Social Media Marketing

Our team understands how difficult it is to run a Social Media account and always keep it up to date. Our team can take care of that and run your social media accounts for you while getting you some awesome results.

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About Us

We love our clients.

Tec-Novation is a leading website development company located in Pretoria South Africa, We specialize in Web Development, Mobile App Development, Hosting as well as Support.

Established in 2014 and having over 100+ satisfied clients nationwide. A proven track record of skillfully designed websites with user-friendliness we can be proud of.

At Tec-Novation we believe in teamwork. With every new day, the quest for acquiring knowledge and experience continues.

We are forever searching, experimenting, innovating, learning, moving ahead of the curve with our sincere efforts and dedication to develop an outstanding product, while challenging our knowledge and experience to create new opportunities while giving you the best possible Service & Product.

Our Process

Our clients love our process.

Step 1 - Analysis & Planning

We gather information regarding what your website will require, Then we start Planning your website for success.

Step 2 - Design

We simply lay out a design for your website and decide what needs to be changed before development starts

Step 3 - Content & Development

We gather all the content that will live on your website and start to implement the design with the content trough development.

Step 4 - Deployment & Maintenance

We deploy your website to a live realm where you can interact and then bug testing and improvements can be made and implemented.